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"Before I started working with Emily, I was feeling lost, stuck in a job I hated. I handed my notice in within a couple of weeks working with Emily and am now in the process of setting up my own business.

I genuinely feel like a completely different person than I was at the start of this year. I've gained self trust, confidence and know I'm capable of doing anything. The biggest thing for me is the mindset shifts that took place after sessions with Emily. 

I felt so incredibly supported and the coaching always came from a place of kindness - you can feel that energy from Emily immediately. It was the most wonderful experience."

- Katherine


"Before working with Emily I was definitely overthinking a lot, alot of heightened emotions surrounding confidence, self esteem and worry regarding if I'm doing the right thing.

I feel like I had a breakthrough mentally, she allowed me to think a little deeper and also come to realisations about inner child work I need some more healing on and also how things aren't as bad as i sometimes think.

I've felt lighter and actually more motivated as I was able to understand for myself that my negative self talk isn't true! It's pushed me in the right direction when it comes to overthinking and how I talk to myself. 

I wasn't sure how helpful it would be for me but Emily is someone you can go to who can understand your brain fuzz. As weird as that may sound, those overthinking thoughts you have, Emily is someone who can help you understand why you think the way you do and then equip you with tools and techniques.

Emily was amazing, super friendly, relatable and understanding. Breakthrough is how I would describe my session. I now feel like I understand how my mind works and I understand what part of myself needs that little bit of extra healing.


Life is harder when you're in your head all the time so being able to take a step back and view myself as if I wasn't me, was really beneficial." 

- Zehra


"I was feeling slightly stuck, as every aspect of my life at the moment is unknown and a little up in the air, but after the session I’m feeling motivated, clearer minded and less intimidated in knowing which areas I’d like to focus on and give my all.

After Emily helped unpick what I was feeling deep down, it occurred to me to be kinder to myself and not be so scared of taking the next step. I feel like I'm okay, I’ve got this more now.

After working with Emily, I’ve started to write out a biography of myself for jobs. I have also booked in the diary a professional shoot for headshots to go forward with putting myself out there. I’m slowly taking action on things I need to do to progress in my career and most importantly, what I love doing.

Emily doing this has helped me notice my behaviours more to be kinder to myself and stop to think, why am I thinking this?

I'm more at peace with the situation I'm in at this current moment, realising it's okay to be stuck and work through my thoughts and feelings of which direction I’d like to head.  I’m noticing what feelings are surfacing and being more understanding of these. I’m feeling more confident in who I am.


I have gained so much knowledge about myself since and during my session with Emily! She is beyond talented, professional and just incredible at what she does! I wasn't sure what to expect from our session, all I know is that I gained more than I imagined. I felt after the call, I had a fire in my belly, for me it was an instant high to stop letting myself get in the way of myself in terms of growth. Emily observed my body language and talking very closely, picking up on how I felt when I speak about certain situations and what is possibly holding me back.


What an experience, thank you Emily!

- Ellie

"Before working with Emily I felt stuck in terms of choosing a new direction, but after our session, I realised that it wasn't about indecision it was a block in terms of a belief pattern that was causing the difficulty. 

I now have clarity in terms of next steps and I'm in the process of applying for new jobs/schemes that are a good fit and feel aligned.

Emily provided the space to explore a topic and asked thoughtful questions to find the root of the issue, I have shifted my mindset in terms of questioning the truth of perceived blocks and breaking them down to move forwards. 

Emily's approach is slightly different in style to other coaches which was lovely to experience. She provides a space to look at an area of your life you are struggling with from a neutral standpoint and brings her knowledge and experience to assist in coaching you through and helps you to make an action plan for moving forwards, empowering you to take radical ownership.

I feel more positive around taking control and putting myself back in the drivers seat of my life.


- Claudia


"I am finally feeling more at peace of where I am now in my life and where I am going. 


Before working with Emily I felt constantly stressed and anxious. Sometimes small things would open up a Pandora box - I wasn't able to concentrate, work, train. My relationship with my sister and mum was broken for years, I wasn't able to enjoy my achievements. I felt that I had boundaries however I was letting both myself and others cross those on daily basis which caused a lot of anxiety. 

Emily's coaching has transformed many areas of my life - my work, my relationships but most importantly my relationship with myself. Emily has guided me on my personal growth journey, I am forever grateful to have been able to work with her for the last few months. 


The biggest changes since working together are within me and these were the ones I didn't think I could ever change. I am finally feeling calmer, lighter, I no longer crave love and validation from others because I am able to provide it for myself - the stress I felt for many and many years is gone.... 


I never in million years thought that I could have a good relationship with my sister and my mum again. My sister and I never got along, it still feels unreal to know that we now get on. We're even planning a holiday together this year... I cannot thank Emily enough for this.


I felt so supported, safe and comfortable from day one. This enabled me to go on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and now I've got the confidence to live my life my way.

My experience with Emily was more than I expected. I never thought I could feel so at peace, so calm.

- Angelika

"Emily is a guide through your mind, a space holder that allow you to explore your emotions and challenges with kindness and insight to help you move forward and thrive.

You can feel Emily is a passionate coach, she's 100% here with you, I could feel her implication in our session and a genuine desire to help & guide me through what I was going through.


She's also great for giving you insights that she share kindly (and with your permission) that help you get a new perspective on things. I felt her support and kindness and that was really what I needed at the moment, so it was a beautiful and meaningful experience for me.

Life coaching is a beautiful experience to help you develop more acceptance toward yourself, move forward with support to thrive and feel more connected to yourself but also to others.

The session enabled me to feel more compassion and acceptance which led me to show up more grounded in my business and feel more playfulness and serenity in my actions. 

The session was great and all that I needed, the experience was powerful for me."

- Katia

"Before our session I felt a little lost and unsure the depth of what was blocking me. I knew it was a mental block but it was really difficult to understand it through self-reflection. I needed help looking at it from a different perspective.

We had a fantastic session and, I felt like, what was several breakthroughs. Emily helped guide me through my thinking, my wants, my fears, and what could be some areas that I'm getting caught in. I walked away with strategies on how to work with all of these components.

I feel seen, heard, and understood.

The biggest transformation for me was realizing how much I can work with my blocks and challenges vs. trying to get rid of them. As a result, I've been able to have more ideas and what feels like a more relaxed approach to my writing of my book proposal.

The coaching experience was a mix of what I expected and what I didn't. I knew what I wanted to talk through a bit of when I went into the session and that it would be a discussion around how to address what I'm there for. But I had no idea how it would be structured or how helpful it would be. I wasn't expecting to have these breakthroughs in the first session!

Working with Emily is like talking to a supportive friend. She's there with you in the trenches, working with you on the issues, helping you process, and providing you the stepping stones to work your way out of there.

Emily is really listening to your issues and challenges. She gently guides you through your thinking and allows for the room to process. When appropriate, she also provides strategies on how to help these challenges as you go through the journey with her together.

I really enjoyed working with Emily and am so excited to continue. I'm looking forward to Emily helping to hold up the mirror (in the best way possible) as we continue on this journey together.


- Meghan


"If it wasn't for Emily, I would have really struggled through a break up and probably wouldn't have made the huge decision to fly to Bali by myself.


Each session felt so different but so needed. I've gained even more self-awareness, the magic of my spirituality has definitely returned. I've loved the perspective shifts and the reframes. I feel a lot more equipped around feelings of uncertainty and have a loving belief in myself.

I have a new level of self-trust and belief, a sense that something incredible is going to happen to me.


I now make decisions and choices with a deeper level of intuition, self awareness and with a higher standard, which shows how much my self love has deepened.


Working with Emily has been a beautiful experience of self-exploration. I have such a deeper awareness, excitement for life and so much more confidence. I would really recommend Emily if you want a compassionate coach who has an incredible ability to get you to come to your own breakthroughs."

- Sarah

"Speaking to Emily really helped me change my perspective on what I’ve been going through.


I had been feeling very reserved, guilt ridden, a lot of self hatred and just generally not in tune with myself. I came out of our zoom call feeling lighter, motivated and hopeful about making better choices for myself. I gained clarity and the ability to look back on different stages of my life with a lens that I hadn’t been able to before.


What I really found helpful was Emily’s way of being non judgmental but also plain speaking at the same time.


I have tried to implement changes and new mindsets from various self help books and podcasts but nothing ever stuck for long enough, whereas Emily stated a few very simple words and theories which haven’t left my mind since.


I’ve been aware for a long time about what I should be doing to reach certain goals and such but Emily helped me to feel more comfortable about that process."

- Laura C


"Since working with Emily, I have gained great motivation and inspiration. I have gained confidence, managed to figure out ways to tackle my anxiety attacks, and shifted my mindset to have a different approach addressing the issues coming my way.

Emily helped me shift my mindset, so that I could see and address issues differently. This helped me a lot to deal with my anxiety which previously took over every time something 'bad' was happening in my life. As a result, I was able to feel safe to shift into a new career path, 

I finally felt that it was okay to make the choices that I did (in terms of new job and moving into a new city), and I see life issues from a different angle now. I was blind and I can finally see.


The best money I ever spent"

- Antria

"Before working with Emily I was procrastinating  on getting started with my business. I had a lot of self doubts and fear that would arise and prevent me from taking action.

After my session with Emily I followed through on taking my first step which was to make a plan. So taking the first step led me to designing and planning a programme as a part of my business launch. I was able to generate ideas freely and whilst I still had doubts I was able to move through these and still take action.

My biggest transformation would be seeing how hard I was on myself and that by adopting a more compassionate approach was much more effective in me taking action. Rather than continually beating myself up.

Emily's approach was non-judgemental, patient and allowed me the space to work through my own inner dialogue. This was helpful as I felt seen, heard and it allowed me to generate my own solutions rather than overly focusing on the problems. The coaching experience was more than I expected, I felt safe and understood.

I liked that Emily also noted my physical reactions whilst I was talking around certain topics which I found insightful. This is something that have left the session more attuned to my body.

Sometimes it's just that spark that you need to get unstuck in your life.

- Alicia


"I've got a future and endless opportunities. I have overcome confidence issues, thought outside the box and made changes for myself.I learnt to listen to my inner voice and to trust myself and actually believe anything was possible for me.


As a result, I have plans to level up in my self employed business, lots of plans for 2022! I have relocated to the coast, bought a beautiful house and am closer to my family.


I feel like Emily saved my life by giving me the power to just go for it and believe in myself and live the wonderful life I was destined for."

- Steph

"Before working with Emily I felt overwhelmed, busy and stressed with where I was in my life. I wasn't sure how to change it. After working with Emily I feel a lot calmer with where I'm going and organised with a better perspective on things. 

The biggest thing for me has been realising that it's okay to take time for yourself, saying no more and having boundaries is making such lasting changes to my life. 

I'm more self aware now, I don't let my stress take over my life, I have a sense of perspective. The sessions were fantastic and the attention to detail on my life was brilliant. 

Emily is fantastic!"

- Victoria

soph photo_edited.jpg

"Working with Emily helped me to learn to change my narrative, be more positive and find ways to settle my mind. I loved listening to others, being able to share thoughts and ideas and learning how to meditate and journal.


Emily was warm and uplifting and I have learnt not to worry so much, take things as they come and know whatever troubles I have in my mind won’t last forever and they’re totally normal… for example learning it’s your ego keeping you safe.

I’d just like to say thank you, Emily."

- Sophie

"Before working together I felt really unbalanced, unsure and stuck with where I was going. Now I feel more in control, I can recognise when I need to create change. I'm surprised with how well I actually know myself now!

I understand how to listen in to my body when adapting things to what will best serve me.

You are wonderful and have made such a difference to the way I live my life."

- Amy C


"Before the course I felt very stuck and very anxious- I had a huge amount of social anxiety and was feeling trapped.

I finished the course feeling very empowered and equipped with tools I needed to overcome social anxiety, which is what I feel holds me back the most. I also gained an understanding of how my mind works and how I can work with my mind rather than in battle with it.

It was a wonderful experience working with Emily, and getting to work with other amazing women as well. Emily is so knowledgable and creates a comfortable and open space where everyone can be honest and learn from each other as well. I looked forward to the interactive sessions every week without feeling any sort of pressure."

- Orla

"I loved my birth chart reading with Emily. It was so fascinating, and she provided expert guidance and interpretation of the various aspects of my chart and how they might manifest in my personality and life.


She is so positive too, I was left feeling both empowered by my strengths and accepting of my shadow sides. Highly recommend!"

- Annalie


"I have seen big changes in all aspects of my life.


Just simply taking control and getting back in the drivers seat has changed everything for me.


I love that I now have the tools and the mindset to do this! Learning that taking care of yourself first is huge and is now my main priority and I have seen changes in my work, relationships (with others and with myself) and general life… everything has improved… thanks Emily!

- Amy

"Emily holds such a beautiful space for you to feel completely comfortable with being open and yourself so she is an incredible coach to work with.


You will go on a journey that peels back layers you weren't aware of which are so essential if you're serious about doing the work and growing.


She is so intuitive and will probe at the right times and knows when to allow for more space which is so important when you work with a coach. You will feel lovingly guided but at the same time on completely the same level as a human as Emily which is just beautiful.

I have been able to push myself in my business, creating offers and services that I didn't think I would have the confidence to do. I just feel so much more grace in everything I do which impacts my life in so many ways I can't even begin to explain.



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