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1:1 Coaching + Mentorship Program

A powerful + transformational 16-week program for ambitious women who are ready to claim their wildest dreams + actually start taking action on them, so that they can live the life they know they're destined for.



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If you're ready to break through your limits + live a life on your own terms, then you're definitely in the

right place.

You know that big, impossible dream of yours? Well, it's time to make it a reality.

And that's exactly why the RISE program exists... 


1. To support you in confidently progressing into a new level of your career + life, one where you feel truly successful.

2. To align your actions with the possibilities + opportunities that are available to you, so that you're no longer daydreaming about your future... you're actively creating it. 

3. To move beyond your feelings of unworthiness + 'not-good-enough'-ness so that you feel like you truly belong in the success that you're creating.

... And to help you to come back home to yourself in the process.

You've got to the point where you know that more is possible for you, right?

Your job is okay, its liveable...

... Your life feels relatively comfortable.

And realistically you could just continue on the path you're moving on + know that things would be okay, average, mediocre.

HOWEVER, you know you're meant for more... you don't want your life to look + feel 'okay' forever...

...and that leaves you with a burning desire for MORE. You crave more, you strive for more. You know that more is possible for you.

You have a big dream + want the freedom to live a life that truly lights you up...

... But you're stopping yourself. You feel guilty for wanting more, you're stuck trying to figure out your next steps, you're overthinking your direction + you don't feel good enough to make it happen.

A vicious cycle of wanting more, but settling for less, right?


I get it. I've been there. And we both know that if you want to move beyond the stuck-ness then something's gotta change.

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So, why not  take it to the next level?

The Rise Program will give you the knowledge, strategies, motivation + deep inner work you need, so that you can live in full, unapologetic alignment with your highest potential. For good.

Throughout this 16-week journey together, I will support you to not only attract MORE into your life, but cultivate the safety required in your mind + body to HOLD onto it, so that you don't unconsciously sabotage your success.

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Personal development books + free masterclasses aren't going to cut it if you want to reach higher levels of success...​

So, in order to change your career + life, you've gotta change the methods that are supporting you to do so...

Most personal development books will tell you that your mindset is key to creating change in your life + you’ll get what you want so long as your thoughts are positive + your actions are in alignment with them. It's true (to an extent), but that's only scratching the surface.

Your life is nuanced, so generalised answers, methods, teachings + strategies designed to help you overcome your blocks will only take you to a certain level...

That's why, as your empowerment coach + mindset mentor, I'm here to give you the bespoke 1:1 support you need so that you can get to root of your fears, create the security + safety in yourself to go after your dreams + support you in finding a clear direction to get you there.

No cookie cutter methods, no judgement, no expectations. but instead, providing you with the deep questions, powerful knowledge + confidence you need in order to bring out the best in yourself + your life.

Throughout this 16-week program I will support you to reclaim your power + coach you in an understanding, compassionate + motivational way so that you can rise into new levels of success in your life + career, without sacrificing your authenticity.

Yup, even if you've got no idea where to start.



Katherine quit her 9-5 + changed the whole trajectory of her life within the first two weeks.

"I've gained, self trust, confidence and power and know I'm capable of doing anything!"

Before I started working with Emily, I was feeling lost, stuck in a job I hated and knew I was capable and deserving of a more fulfilling life but didn't really know how to get it. I handed my notice in within a couple of weeks working with Emily and am now in the process of setting up my own business.

The biggest transformation I experienced whilst working with Emily was me, I'm the biggest transformation! I genuinely feel like a completely different person than I was at the start of this year. I've gained, self trust, confidence and power and know I'm capable of doing anything.

I quit an unfulfilling job but biggest thing for me is the mindset shifts that took place after sessions with Emily. Emily helped direct me to the answers that I needed from myself.

The word compassion is now etched into my mind, in such a good way! I felt so incredibly supported and the coaching always came from a place of kindness - you can feel that energy from Emily immediately.

This was one of the biggest investments I'd made up to that point, and the biggest investment I'd ever made in myself but it was worth every penny I spent and then some. I just bloody love you, Emily!!!!

It was the most wonderful experience.

is for you if...



You desire to progress into a new career where you feel successful + fulfilled but worry that you're not good enough to make it happen.


You know you're not living the life you're destined for + that feels deeply uncomfortable.


Imposter syndrome gets in the way of you creating + striving for more in your life + career.


You want to do more with your career + life but feel unworthy of having the success that that may bring. You worry that it will all be taken away.


You dream about what's possible for you, you make some plans for the future but you never take action on them due to fear.

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blue skies.jpeg


You talk yourself out of making moves towards your highest potential because you feel guilty for wanting more or 'should just be grateful' for what you already have.


You fear that other people will judge you for changing your path so you settle into the safer option. 


You want to feel free to wake up everyday to the life you desire to live - the nomad lifestyle, the financial freedom, the ability to choose your own hours.


You desire to gain the confidence, self-trust + self-assurance to make a living doing what you love.


You know that in order to no longer be held back by your limitations + life situations then something's gotta change... And you're ready to do whatever it takes to change it.

If you answered yes to any of the above then see that as a soul knowing... you’re being called forward to RISE.


This is not for you if..

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You're not willing to go any deeper into your subconscious, your beliefs + your inner world than you've been before + you're not open to learning + discovering more about your most authentic self.


You have no big dreams + vision for life. And as a result, you're quite happy to settle for mediocrity in all areas of your life.


No part of you believes that deep down, success is possible for you... instead you prefer to be the victim of circumstances rather than the creator of your own reality.


You want all the answers to be handed to you on a plate + you're not willing to find them within yourself, with the help of a coach + mentor who's determined to bring out the best in you.


You're not willing to invest time, money + energy in your growth. And you're not willing to take action in alignment with your dream life + career.



Steph moved to her dream location + has huge plans for her business this year!

"I have overcome confidence issues, thought outside the box and made changes for myself"

Before working with Emily, my life was a mess in my opinion. I felt emotionally unstable, working a job at burnout level. I had no plans for my future and didn't really know what I needed to do to get out of the funk. I hated it but couldn't see a way out.

But OH. MY. GOD. If you'd have told me a year ago what my life looks like now, I'd have laughed in your face and told you to stop being so ridiculous, but working with Emily has made me OPEN MY EYES! I'm in such a better place, I feel at ease with myself and trust my gut feeling and intuition. I feel like I've got a future and endless opportunities. I have overcome confidence issues, thought outside the box and made changes for myself. I've bought a house in a location I love close to the beach, I have a plan for my work and I'm feeling much more in control. I feel so good.

Having worked with Emily I realise now that trying to meet other people's expectations is exhausting. I learnt to listen to my inner voice and to trust myself and actually believe anything was possible for me. As a result, I have plans to level up in my self employed business, lots of plans for 2022! I have relocated to the coast, bought a beautiful house and am closer to my family. As well as that, I am more content in my mindset, less erratically emotional and I take time to take a minute now to enjoy down time. I set goals, smash goals, manifest my dreams and practice being proud of myself. 

Emily was just SO lovely. The most amazing person. No judgement whatsoever and she really listened intently to me. She understood me on another level and i felt really close to her and felt I could really confide in her about very private topics. I just want to say a personal thanks to Emily... I feel like she saved my life by giving me the power to just go for it and believe in myself and live the wonderful life I was destined for.

It was so much more than I ever expected.





Hi, I'm Emily...

Helping you to access your fullest potential is my jam.

Three years ago I was working my childhood dream job but I felt empty.

I knew I was destined to do something more with my life, I knew I wanted to change my career to something I was so passionate about, but I had no idea how to get there . A huge part of me didn't believe that I could have more from life. Who was I to do that?

So I settled for what I had. For about 6 months. And the discomfort + yearning for change was unbearable.

Since then I've been on a beautiful mindset + spiritual journey that's taken me from feeling stuck + knowing I was meant for more, with heaps of imposter syndrome + fears to stepping into the career of my dreams + running a soul-led business while feeling unapologetically worthy of everything I'm creating.

I know what it's like to have your inner imposter running the show.


I've been through the journey + trained as a certified Life Coach. I've made it my mission to help women, like you, to transmute their deepest fears into the confidence to go after their dreams.


Because I believe that it's your birthright to live an incredible life.






Within my coaching practice, I believe that your success is determined by your level of self-confidence, self-compassion self-leadership.

So, to massively change your career + life you must be willing to take radical responsibility for your inner work in each of these areas...

book moon.jpeg

Pillar One:


Whether conscious or unconscious, there is an intention + purpose behind everything you do, every move you make, everything you desire or do not desire to manifest. These intentions often come from a place of fear + without acknowledging them it's likely you'll be stuck in a cycle of self-sabotaging your success for a long time.


Inside Rise we get super clear on the driving force behind everything you do so that you can gain clarity on what is truly propelling you forwards, or keeping you stuck, so that you can move forward in pursuit of your bigger vision + mission for life. 

What would your life look like if you broke through the glass ceiling that your conditioning has put on your success? What rules are you living your life by + who do they belong to? What have you internalised from your past that's keeping you stuck in self-sabotage + self-censorship? What would be different if you flipped the script that constantly keeps you in lack + scarcity?

It's time to lovingly call yourself out on your BS and equip yourself with the strategies + tools you need to hold the success you're destined for.

Pillar Two:



Your deep-rotted fears around your abilities + opportunities often relate to your conditioned need to be accepted, liked + valued within the world. For that reason, it's likely that you feel that there's so much more to you than others' know but you feel scared to fully express your most authentic self. 

Inside the Rise Program, we work with your shadow (your subconscious mind + the hidden parts of you), gain an understanding of how it operates, how it keeps you playing small + safe, so that you can re-write + redefine your subconscious mind, so you can unapologetically show up in all of your power.

By reprogramming your subconscious you are stepping into the Real You... The You who exists without the conditioning. The You that is able to spread your light + be a force to be reckoned with in this world.

What would be different if you no longer worried about what other people thought? What if you felt so comfortable within yourself that you no longer needed to explain yourself? What if you could just do your thing + live a life true to yourself without needing to justify your decisions or put a veneer over your success?


Pillar Three:


Notice how whenever things are going well that your brain always finds a way to bring yourself back down to a safe level? A way to keep you in your comfort zone, and it usually looks like overworking, burning yourself out + not nourishing your body properly? 

This is because, at an identity level, part of you feels deeply unsafe with creating the success you desire + deserve.

Inside Rise you'll learn exactly how to shift your identity to become an authentic + energetic match for your dream life + career so that you can shift to your next level with ease + feel great when you get there!

What moves would you make if you already knew you were fully supported in pursuit of your deepest desires? How would you show up everyday if you knew your desires were inevitable? What action would you take if you knew you were always on the right path? How would you be if you knew you were the leader of your own life?


8 x bi-weekly coaching sessions (60-75 mins)

Unlimited instant messaging support (via Voxer) throughout the 16 weeks.

Exclusive access to The Rise portal (for 1:1 clients only), containing soul work assignments, embodiment rituals, masterclasses, journal practices, meditations + masterclasses.

A birth chart reading to help you rediscover your astrology + how you can harness your inner power to create greater authenticity

Opportunity to extend your journey at any moment

Bonuses: Access to Emily's Fear to Freedom group program, FREE access to any public workshops Emily runs during your journey, 






Antria created the safety to change career path + break free from others' expectations.

"I finally felt it was okay to make the choices I did to move to a new city and a new job. I was blind and I can finally see"

Before working with Emily I was full of insecurities and scared to even address issues that I knew they were hard to tackle. Also, I was a person that addressed everything with anxiety and had a very low self esteem. My inner self of who I wanted to become was fighting the one I was.

Since working with Emily, I have gained great motivation and inspiration. I have gained confidence, managed to figure out ways to tackle my anxiety attacks, and shifted my mindset to have a different approach addressing the issues coming my way.

Emily helped me shift my mindset, so that I could see and address issues differently. This helped me a lot to deal with my anxiety which previously took over every time something 'bad' was happening in my life. As a result, I was able to feel safe to shift into a new career path, incorporating affirmations and meditation into my life as a way to boost my self esteem and calm/relax at moments where I feel my mind and body are shutting down because of an anxiety event.

Above all, I've gained self-confidence, I believe more in my self and the things I can do, based on my previous achievements, I finally felt that it was okay to make the choices that I did (in terms of new job and moving into a new city), and I see life issues from a different angle now. I was blind and I can finally see. 

Best money I ever spent!






"I don’t think I’ve ever felt more understood in my life!

I cannot fault Emily and how she has supported me so far! I feel incredibly safe sharing with Emily and at ease because I know that whatever we discuss there is no judgement."

Liz, UK

soul desert.jpeg


One week we could be focussing on befriending your imposter + digging deep into your fears, the next week we could be mapping out the next 6 months of your career + life...

..One week we could be getting to the root cause of your unworthiness + using psychological theory to break through your deep-rooted fears, the next week we could be discussing ways that you can lean into more self-trust so that you can hold yourself confidently in difficult conversations with loved ones as you make radical change to your life + career...

...Or we could be pulling oracle cards + practising your ability to surrender to the process + build self trust.

It's a journey, and I'm here to meet you exactly where you're at + give you the support you need at every moment.

A taste of what you can expect            our sessions together...


Coaching conversations + powerful questioning.


Subconscious reprogramming.

Creating strategies + aligned action plans for moving forwards.

... So that you can move through your blocks + take action with ease.

A taste of what you can expect             our sessions together...



Journaling practices

Visualisation exercises

Oracle card energy readings

Mindset masterclasses

Psychological theory teachings

Astrological rituals

… and unlimited instant messaging support.

... So that you can integrate your breakthroughs from our coaching sessions + make huge progress outside of sessions, too.

The Investment...


£550 (Pay in full)


Two payments of £275


Four payments of £137.50

You deserve to stand in your power + become a magnet for your dream life + career ... 


The world is shifting. Now, more than ever, women like you are recognising their power + ceasing to outsource it to the external. The great reclamation of your power starts now.

  • Who is this for?
    The ambitious woman who is fed up of holding herself back due to imposter syndrome + her fears around not being good enough. The woman who is ready to reclaim her power + step into the confidence she needs to create her dream life + career.
  • How will this help me?
    The transformations my clients get from this work are INCREDIBLE. I've had clients buy one-way tickets to their dream home, choose a brand new, purposeful career path, and most importantly, become their own biggest cheerleader. This work + the transformation is truly limitless.
  • What is the program?
    This is my most intimate 1:1 offer, which allows you to gain bespoke, high-level support on your desires, from me. I'm with you every step of the way throughout our 4 month journey together. With bi-weekly coaching sessions + unlimited messaging support... I'm quite literally cheering you on the whole way. This program is truly life-changing.
  • Do you have a payment plan?
    Absolutely! You can pay the £660 in full or you can choose a 3 month payment plan with no added interest, I'm not about that! It's important that this program works for you!
  • Why is coaching with you different?
    This program will dig deep into the shadow (hidden) parts of you that lie deep within your subconscious, that are keeping you stuck... this way of working allows you to gain a self-awareness like no other, so that you can reframe your belief systems for success. We'll also dive deep into your astrology + the more spiritual side to personal growth so that you can take aligned steps towards your dream life + career in a way that feels authentic to you. Working with me is a perfect blend of deep inner work + strategically moving towards your goals.
  • What kind of things do you specialise in?
    My areas of expertise involve... - Fear - Limiting beliefs - Subconscious Reprogramming - Astrology - Self-Sabotage - Career change - Manifestation - Life purpose - Inner child healing - Self-compassion - Confidence - Authentic communication - Journaling ... We will work on all of these areas during our work together inside Rise.
  • How do I find out more?
    You can book a free, no obligation discovery call below. On the call you can ask any questions you might have! Click here to book now.
  • I'm worried about the price, can you help?
    I have payment plans available for you! If you're truly ready to step into your power + begin consciously creating a new reality for yourself then I would ask whether you can put a price on that? I remember the first time I invested in my growth - I was terrified, so I get it. But we can spend so much energy waiting for the right time to invest but I know you're here for a reason. And that's change.

Is moving to bigger + better heights the biggest pain for you?


Is breaking through the glass ceiling of your fears your biggest enemy?


Yes? Then Rise is for you. 


It's time to put your foot on the gas + make it happen.

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