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A transformational 16-week program for the ambitious woman who is ready to break free from imposter syndrome + so that she can create a successful life + career, without sacrificing her authenticity.

1:1 Coaching + Mentorship Program


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If you're ready to break through your limits + live a life on your own terms, then you're definitely in the

right place.

The Initiation program has been designed to support you in cultivating more power + magnetism in your life - to create a life that's both abundant + fulfilling, authentic + liberating.


... A life where you stop sabotaging your success, co-create your BIG dreams with the universe + journey into your most authentic self so that you can experience all the joy + fulfilment you know you deserve. 

Throughout this 16-week journey together, I will support you in not only attract MORE into your life, but cultivate the safety required in your body to HOLD it.

When you first started out on your personal development journey you set out to become a master of your mind, right?

Because you knew that when you were able to understand how your mind worked, and you could reframe your thoughts consistently, you'd be manifesting your dream life (of course!)

But let me guess, manifesting your deepest desires hasn't been as easy as you thought it would be...

... Moving to bigger + better heights has been the biggest pain for you, you feel like you've plateaued at a certain level + you can't break through the glass ceiling. But you know that you're so ready to put your foot on the gas + make it happen.

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So, why don't we take it to the next level?

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I will coach + mentor you throughout this 16-week program to reclaim your power, own your authenticity + manifest your BIG dreams, with ease.

Yup, even if you've no idea where to start.

Within my coaching practice, I believe that your manifestations are a result of mind + body-based safety.


To have it all you must be willing to descend into the depths of your conditioning...

Most self-help books will tell you that your mindset is key to creating change in your life + you’ll get what you want so long as your thoughts are positive + your actions are in alignment with them. It's true (to an extent), but that's only scratching the surface...


If your inner work journey is anything to go by, we both know that there’s more to it than that, there's more to becoming a magnet for your desires + manifesting your soul's dreams than thinking positive thoughts...


... what's missing is DEPTH. 


Without going deeper than you've gone before, without creating unshakable safety in the body through embodiment practices, without having deep compassion + understanding of your past experiences that have shaped your fears + deep rooted subconscious beliefs today, without knowing who you truly are behind the facade that desires only approval from others... your dreams will remain dreams + your next level will forever be waiting for you.

There's a difference between UNDERSTANDING that you are the creator of your own reality + BEING an energetic match for your dream life... and I want your life to give you the freedom + security you desire + deserve.



Katherine quit her 9-5 + changed the whole trajectory of her life within the first two weeks.

"I've gained, self trust, confidence and power and know I'm capable of doing anything!"

Before I started working with Emily, I was feeling lost, stuck in a job I hated and knew I was capable and deserving of a more fulfilling life but didn't really know how to get it. I handed my notice in within a couple of weeks working with Emily and am now in the process of setting up my own business.

The biggest transformation I experienced whilst working with Emily was me, I'm the biggest transformation! I genuinely feel like a completely different person than I was at the start of this year. I've gained, self trust, confidence and power and know I'm capable of doing anything.

I quit and unfulfilling job but biggest thing for me is the mindset shifts that took place after sessions with Emily. Emily helped direct me to the answers that I needed from myself.

The word compassion is now etched into my mind, in such a good way! I felt so incredibly supported and the coaching always came from a place of kindness - you can feel that energy from Emily immediately.

This was one of the biggest investments I'd made up to that point, and the biggest investment I'd ever made in myself but it was worth every penny I spent and then some. I just bloody love you, Emily!!!!

It was the most wonderful experience.



is for you if..


You know you're destined for big things + you're ready to finally make them a reality, without having to micro-manage every step you take.


You're on a path of self-development + you've manifested a few new things into your life, but part of you feels like you're unconsciously apologising for your big dreams + your vision for life. You feel guilty for wanting more.


You know you have potential, you can see the possibilities for your future, but you're stuck in sticky self-sabotaging patterns that you just can't shake.


You understand what it takes to call in your dream life but you know you're blocking your manifestations due to glass ceiling syndrome or old stories.


You've dipped your toe into spirituality + deepened your connection to the Universe, but you struggle to trust + surrender to the process. You feel the need to control + micro-manage every step you take + it's burning you out.

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blue skies.jpeg


You don't trust yourself not to fuck it up + self-sabotage next time you get closer to your success, because part of you feels guilty around leaving behind your old life.


You no longer wish to have to explain yourself or make yourself palatable to others'. You want to just do your thing but you have a deep-rooted fear of success + being seen, which stops you from moving from mediocrity to magnetism.


You're so overwhelmed with the future that you've ended up half-heartedly making moves towards your big dreams, instead of going all in.


You desire to be different, to be free to rebel against the old stories + expectations of society + choose a new way… you’re ready to un-become everything you consciously or unconsciously thought you should be + unleash the real you.


You're ready to enhance your connection with all parts of yourself, your soul + your spirituality so that you can lean in to feeling fully supported in your mission + vision for life.

If you answered yes to any of the above then see that as a soul knowing... you’re being called forward for your initiation.

This is not for you if..

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You're not willing to go deeper into your subconscious, your beliefs + your inner world than you've been before + you're not open to learning + discovering more about your most authentic self.


You have no big dreams + vision for life. And as a result, you're quite happy to settle for mediocrity in all areas of your life.


No part of your believes that deep down, success is possible for you... instead you prefer to be the victim of circumstances rather than the creator of your own reality.


You think spirituality is too 'woo-woo' for you + you're not at a stage of self-awareness that allows you to move to a new level of surrender + magnetism.



Steph moved to her dream location + has huge plans for her business this year!

"I have overcome confidence issues, thought outside the box and made changes for myself"

Before working with Emily, my life was a mess in my opinion. I felt emotionally unstable, working a job at burnout level. I had no plans for my future and didn't really know what I needed to do to get out of the funk. I hated it but couldn't see a way out.

But OH. MY. GOD. If you'd have told me a year ago what my life looks like now, I'd have laughed in your face and told you to stop being so rediculous, but working with Emily has mad me OPEN MY EYES! I'm in such a better place, I feel at ease with myself and trust my gut feeling and intuition. I feel like I've got a future and endless opportunities. I have overcome confidence issues, thought outside the box and made changes for myself. I've bought a house in a location I love close to the beach, I have a plan for my work and I'm feeling much more in control. I feel so good.

Having worked with Emily I realise now that trying to meet other people's expectations is exhausting. I learnt to listen to my inner voice and to trust myself and actually believe anything was possible for me. As a result, I have plans to level up in my self employed business, lots of plans for 2022! I have relocated to the coast, bought a beautiful house and am closer to my family. As well as that, I am more content in my mindset, less erratically emotional and I take time to take a minute now to enjoy down time. I set goals, smash goals, manifest my dreams and practice being proud of myself. 

Emily was just SO lovely. The most amazing person. No judgement whatsoever and she really listened intently to me. She understood me on another level and i felt really close to her and felt I could really confide in her about very private topics. I just want to say a personal thanks to Emily... I feel like she saved my life by giving me the power to just go for it and believe in myself and live the wonderful life I was destined for.

It was so much more than I ever expected.

Imagine if you decided  to...

...Let go of the old paradigm of trying to manifest your desires through setting goals

...Stop living the life you think you should want + start throwing the towel in on anything that doesn’t support your fullest potential

...Release the need to micro-manage your whole life + choose to trust that you're here for a reason, and that reason is to shine

...Open up to new levels of self-discovery + spiritual connection

...Become truly devoted to your soul-work, + got okay with trying all the things, without self-judgement or resistance


...What would be different?



Empowerment Coach + Mentor to heart-led women who desire to rip up the rule book + reclaim their power so that they can manifest their big dreams.

After spending the first 20 or so years of my life trying to be the good girl, trying to fit the mould, stay quiet, do the 'right' thing + please everyone at the same time I experienced a complete burnout in early 2019...

That's when I moved through the dark night of the soul... everything I thought my life would be started to crumble apart, I no longer loved my dream job, I lacked any kind of passion + drive + I experienced symptoms of social anxiety + depression.


After self-healing + journeying into my subconscious through hypnotherapy, shadow work, energy healing + coaching I completely changed my path... I went from full time air hostess to travel blogger to nutrition + health coach to empowerment coach + mentor...

I've been pulled in all directions, I've had two parts of my soul in two places at once; wanting to do it all but experiencing the shame around having multiple desires + not following the traditional 'path to success'.


I have a heart that yearns for change, newness, polarity + multiple passions but live in a society that still doesn't fully honour or understand how that can be...

I've had my heart set on dreams that didn't turn out as beautiful + shiny as I thought they would be. I've felt like an outsider whilst desperately trying to fit in, prove myself, tick all the boxes + box myself up in order to feel accepted.


And none of it gave me the worthiness I was yearning for.

That worthiness + permission to embrace my multi-dimensional Aquarian soul came from deep self-compassion + acceptance that I don't fit society's mould of the 'perfect woman', or the corporate world's definition of a 'successful' hustling entrepreneur + I'm totally okay with that. Instead, I do things my way... business, life, relationships, all of it. I love the curiosity + wonder of taking the road less travelled +  I embrace the fact that I do not desire to ever fit in a box.

As a result I've manifested more abundance, depth + fulfilment than I could've dreamed of in the past + the work I do allows the women I work with to do the same.

I love being an unpredictable, soul-led, visionary leader, who's super deep but also super logical + practical, kinda minimalist but also in love with the luxurious side of life, slightly introverted but also pretty bold... and I hope that I can be a permission slip for you to stand proudly + unapologetically in your power + never settle for anything less than what you deserve.

I can't wait to do this work with you x

Subconscious reprogramming, manifestation + embodied astrology are my jam.

Hi, I'm Emily...

Introducing the four pillars of manifestation...

book moon.jpeg


Whether conscious or unconscious, there is an intention + purpose behind everything you do, every move you make, everything you desire or do not desire to manifest. Inside The Initiation we get super clear on the driving force behind everything you do so that you can gain clarity on what is truly propelling you forwards, or keeping you stuck, so that you can move forward in pursuit of your bigger vision + mission for life. 

Where are you directing your energy? Where are you outsourcing your power? What would your life look like if you injected more purpose into everything you do?

The secret to success lies within your intentions + your ability to master your mind...


Your subconscious mind exists within your shadow. Without an awareness of how it operates, how it keeps you playing small + safe... AND the ability to re-write + redefine your subconscious mind, the same old patterns will keep showing up.

By reprogramming your subconcsious you are stepping into the Real You... The You who exists without the conditioning. The You that is able to spread your light + be a force to be reckoned with in this world.

What rules are you living your life by + who do they belong to? What have you internalised from your past that's keeping you stuck in self-sabotage + self-censorship? What would be different if you flipped the script that constantly keeps you in lack + scarcity?


Your manifestations are a result of mind + body-based safety. Pillar three of manifestation involves cultivating the safety + security required by the body to move through your deepest fears of success, failure, non-acceptance + being seen.

What would be different if you no longer worried about what other people thought? What if you felt so comfortable within yourself that you no longer needed to explain yourself? What if you could just do your thing + live a life true to yourself without needing to justify your decisions or put a veneer over your success?


Pillar four focuses on trust, integrity + connection. By taking aligned + inspired action in pursuit of your desires you're cultivating the trust + confidence you need to show yourself + the Universe that you are ready to hold more, and therefore you are open, (energetically, physically + subconsciously) to receive more.

What moves would you make if you already knew you were fully supported in pursuit of your deepest desires? How would you show up everyday if you knew your desires were inevitable? What action would you take if you knew you were always on the right path?





8 x bi-weekly coaching sessions (60-75 mins)

Unlimited instant messaging support (via voxer) throughout the 16 weeks.

Exclusive access to The Initiation portal (for 1:1 clients only), containing soul work assignments, embodiment rituals, journal practices, meditations + masterclasses.

In depth birth chart reading to support with embodied astrology + self discovery

Opportunity to extend your journey at any moment

Bonus: Access to Emily's Fear to Freedom self-study course




I don't take your investment of time, energy + money lightly, which is why I take applications for The Initiation to make sure we're a perfect fit for each other.

It's also to see whether you qualify to enrol into this container - because there are limited spaces, I want to make sure I'm supporting the right people.

The Initiation is only available to a select few heart-led women, who are ready, willing + able to make the moves + do the work necessary to manifest their next level.

Therefore, I’m very intentional about the women I work with in this space, it must feel like a full body fuck yes for both of us + I must feel confident that they're going to take away huge transformations + ways of being that shape their futures, forever!



Antria created the safety to change career path + break free from others' expectations.

"I finally felt it was okay to make the choices I did to move to a new city and a new job. I was blind and I can finally see"

Before working with Emily I was full of insecurities and scared to even address issues that I knew they were hard to tackle. Also, I was a person that addressed everything with anxiety and had a very low self esteem. My inner self of who I want to become was fighting the one I was.

Since working with Emily, I have gained great motivation and inspiration. I have gained confidence, managed to figure out ways to tackle my anxiety attacks, and shifted my mindset to have a different approach addressing the issues coming my way.

Emily helped me shift my mindset, so that I could see and address issues differently. This helped me a lot to deal with my anxiety which previously took over every time something 'bad' was happening in my life. As a result, I was able to feel more safe for the choice of shifting into a new career path, incorporating affirmations and meditation into my life as a way to boost my self esteem and calm/relax at moments where I feel my mind and body are shutting down because of an anxiety event.

Above all, I've gained self-confidence, I believe more in my self and the things I can do, based on my previous achievements, I finally felt that it was okay to make the choices that I did (in terms of new job and moving into a new city), and I see life issues from a different angle now. I was blind and I can finally see. 

Best money I ever spent!






"I don’t think I’ve ever felt more understood in my life!

I cannot fault Emily and how she has supported me so far! I feel incredibly safe sharing with Emily and at ease because I know that whatever we discuss there is no judgement."

Liz, UK

soul desert.jpeg



These ways of being are a recipe for burnout... they keep you in lack, scarcity + neediness. Your dreams + desires do not need needy energy, or fear, they don't need more hustling, pushing, forcing.


Your desires need your devotion to your inner work, your dedication to magnetising them through doing the subconscious reprogramming, energy + embodiment work that most will avoid.


You are a self-leading woman who already has everything she needs...


Everything you need is already within you. It's time to witness yourself in all your greatness, the good, the uncomfortable, the dark + the light, so that you can manifest your BIG dreams. All of you is welcome here.

A taste of what you can expect            our sessions together...


Coaching conversations + powerful questioning

Embodiment practices involving archetypes + parts of the self


Subconscious reprogramming

... So that you can move through your blocks with ease.

A taste of what you can expect             our sessions together...


Deeper embodiment practices


Journaling work

Visualisation practices

Heart opening practices

Oracle card energy readings

Healing rituals

Astrological rituals (working with the moon phases for manifestation)

Mirror work

… and unlimited instant messaging support

... So that you can integrate your breakthroughs from the coaching sessions + embody your Higher Self.



next steps...

Step One: APPLY

Complete the application form here… The Initiation is a high level 1:1 Container that requires devotion from both sides. I’m very intentional about the women I work with in this space, it must feel like a full body fuck yes for both of us!


Please allow yourself at least 10-15 mins for this application + only apply if you truly desire to enrol into this container.


If I feel confident that we’re a good fit + that we can vibe together then I’ll reach out to you via email or instagram dm to invite you to a 30 minute discovery call, where you’ll have a chance to ask any questions, dive deeper on your intentions for this journey, and work out our next steps together...

If I don’t feel we’re a good fit for The Initiation I’ll reach out + let you know of any alternative options, programs or courses that I feel will be better suited to your healing + desires… With an open heart to potentially inviting you into the initiation at a later date.


You make your investment + we begin this incredible journey together!


The Initiation is the only way to work with me so intimately + powerfully. It is the only way to receive high-level, bespoke support on your transformation + manifestation journey. This container requires the largest amount of energy from me, therefore I only work with a maximum of 6 1:1 clients at any time. I devote the largest amount of my time, energy + heart to my 1:1 clients… they come first.

This is the energy I bring to this coaching + mentorship container...


  1. Your Higher Self does not desire surface-scraping personal development work… It’s time to wave goodbye to surface level coaching conversations + mentorship, expect to be welcomed into a space that dives 7 layers deeper than just the mind + the beliefs that are already conscious

  2. Prepare to be seen, heard + understood in your fullest expression. Depth + freedom are the values I hold highest, so know that the spaces I hold are an alchemy of both of these values… we go deep, but you have sovereignty + freedom to choose your best way

  3. I can call on my  no BS bestie energy to call you out when you need it the most, but also call on my nurturing + empathetic inner mother to hold incredible space for your transformation.

The Investment...

£400 p/m for 4 months

Or pay in full for £1600

You deserve to stand in your power, become a magnet for your dream life... And experience exponential growth, power + passion whilst you do so.


It’s time to open your heart, turn to mush, fall deeply in love with all your many passions + RISE like a butterfly from the cocoon.


Let’s make it happen, my love x

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