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  • You doubt yourself a lot + end up overthinking all the ‘What ifs’ - "What if it doesn’t work out?"... "What if I'm not good enough?" ... "What if I fail?"

  • You’re fed up of the same unfulfilling patterns playing out in your life 

  • You’ve got an internal battle going on between you + your ego 24/7

  • You’re constantly worrying about the future

  • You feel like there’s a weight on your chest + it's stopping you from accessing your fullest potential

  • Sometimes you question what it is that you truly want

  • This has left you feeling stuck + disconnected from yourself

  • You’re settling for a life that doesn’t serve the highest version of you


  • You have the knowledge + tools you need to master your mindset + make conscious, empowered decisions to go after your dreams

  • You've created new habits, thinking patterns + belief systems that make you feel confident + courageous

  • You feel deeply connected to who you are here to be

  • You've become deeply compassionate towards the beliefs + narratives that you have held in the past, but you've let them go now

  •  You have the strategies, knowledge + power to know exactly how to choose again + re-write your story

  • You've left behind all the procrastination + overthinking that was leaving you stuck

  • You embody the confidence, courage + clarity you’ve been searching for

  • You know exactly the direction you’re headed in in your life

  • You've let go of fear, doubt + scarcity, for good


IMG_0696_Facetune_04-03-2021-13-12-42 (1

Fear to Freedom is the 6 week group coaching programme that will take you from doubting yourself to transforming your fear into confidence.



Fear to Freedom is a transformational personal development + mindset mastery journey that will create huge shifts in your inner + outer world.


If you’re ready to change your life then you’re in the right place.


You recognise that you’re the creator of your own reality + you’re committed to doing the work to create massive shifts in your mindset + life


You’re open to releasing habits, thoughts + beliefs that do not serve the highest version of you


You’re willing to be open to receive guidance, wisdom + knowledge to learn how to release fear + start feeling confident in yourself + your direction


You’re ready to be part of a beautiful community of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you


You are committed to taking aligned action in order to cultivate the self-belief, courage + confidence you’ve been waiting for


You understand that investing in yourself + your growth is the most profound thing you can do for your life + you’re ready to take full advantage of this amazingly affordable first-round investment!

If you answered yes to the above then see this as your sign. I created this for you!

“With Emily everything slotted into place. I’m not worried about life anymore. I’m in control.”


“Before working with Emily my dreams were just ideas, now they’re normal for me.


I'm not consumed by fear anymore, I'm defying expectations.” 



Fear to Freedom helped me to learn to change my narrative, be more positive and find ways to settle my mind.


I loved listening to others, being able to share thoughts and ideas and learning how to meditate and journal. Emily was warm and uplifting and I have learnt not to worry so much, take things as they come and know whatever troubles I have in my mind won’t last forever and they’re totally normal… for example learning it’s your ego keeping you safe.


I’d just like to say thank you, Emily.

Sophie Jesson,

Primary School Teacher,

Staffordshire, UK

Stage One - Awareness
(Weeks 1-2)

During the Awareness stage you'll understand + harness the power of your mindset so that you can take back control of your thoughts + unfulfilling patterns, break free from your self-limiting beliefs + show up with a new perspective for your life + mindset.

  • Delving deep into your belief systems, internal narratives + blocks

  • Detaching from the drama-filled world of the ego

  • Practicing radical self-compassion + self acceptance through recognising where you can consciously create new beliefs + narratives that feel empowering

  • Reconnecting with your higher self + cultivating unshakable self-belief

Stage Two - Alignment 
(Weeks 3-4)

The Alignment stage is all about becoming. It’s about making a commitment to show up as your highest self + integrating new behaviours that are in alignment with the person you need to become to cultivate more confidence, direction + clarity in your life.

  • Coming into alignment with the person you would be if there was no rulebook, no pre-written script + no societal conditioning

  • Creating empowering rituals, mantras + habits that help you to reconnect with the most authentic version of you

  • Reconnecting with your higher self through meditation

  • Re-writing your story + consciously creating an identity that makes you feel confident, courageous + whole

Stage Three - Ascension
(Weeks 5-6)

The Ascension stage involves integrating all your new knowledge + perspectives. It’s about consciously creating a life filled with abundance, joy + fulfilment.

  • Cultivating strong, empowering boundaries that serve you + your direction

  • Creating a roadmap for your ascension

  • Understanding how to truly relieve pressure + manage your energy through overwhelm

  • Becoming conscious of your inner seasons + how to harness the endless possibilities for new creations, new behaviours + new thoughts

  • A reflection on the journey you have been on, the transformation you have created for yourself + the new mindset you’ve designed that will forever create

I believe that accessing your fullest potential is SO wildly possible for you.

I believe that you are worthy of creating a life filled with confidence, abundance + self-belief.

I believe in you. It is ALL possible.

“ I like the person I’m becoming. I was blind and can finally see.


The best money I ever spent.”


  • Who is this for?
    The ambitious woman who is fed up of holding herself back due to imposter syndrome + her fears around not being good enough. The woman who is ready to reclaim her power + step into the confidence she needs to create her dream life + career.
  • How will this help me?
    The transformations my clients get from this work are INCREDIBLE. I've had clients buy one-way tickets to their dream home, choose a brand new, purposeful career path, and most importantly, become their own biggest cheerleader. This work + the transformation is truly limitless.
  • What is the program?
    This is my most intimate 1:1 offer, which allows you to gain bespoke, high-level support on your desires, from me. I'm with you every step of the way throughout our 4 month journey together. With bi-weekly coaching sessions + unlimited messaging support... I'm quite literally cheering you on the whole way. This program is truly life-changing.
  • Do you have a payment plan?
    Absolutely! You can pay the £660 in full or you can choose a 3 month payment plan with no added interest, I'm not about that! It's important that this program works for you!
  • Why is coaching with you different?
    This program will dig deep into the shadow (hidden) parts of you that lie deep within your subconscious, that are keeping you stuck... this way of working allows you to gain a self-awareness like no other, so that you can reframe your belief systems for success. We'll also dive deep into your astrology + the more spiritual side to personal growth so that you can take aligned steps towards your dream life + career in a way that feels authentic to you. Working with me is a perfect blend of deep inner work + strategically moving towards your goals.
  • What kind of things do you specialise in?
    My areas of expertise involve... - Fear - Limiting beliefs - Subconscious Reprogramming - Astrology - Self-Sabotage - Career change - Manifestation - Life purpose - Inner child healing - Self-compassion - Confidence - Authentic communication - Journaling ... We will work on all of these areas during our work together inside Rise.
  • How do I find out more?
    You can book a free, no obligation discovery call below. On the call you can ask any questions you might have! Click here to book now.
  • I'm worried about the price, can you help?
    I have payment plans available for you! If you're truly ready to step into your power + begin consciously creating a new reality for yourself then I would ask whether you can put a price on that? I remember the first time I invested in my growth - I was terrified, so I get it. But we can spend so much energy waiting for the right time to invest but I know you're here for a reason. And that's change.

This is your last chance!






How can I help you?

I’m Emily, lifestyle coach, mindset mentor, teacher + friend who’s obsessed with guiding womxn to step into their power + consciously create a powerful + fulfilling life, on their terms.


I plan to empower you to show up + let yourself be seen, to guide you to overcome all the fear, self-doubt, negative self-talk, scarcity + resistance so that you can access your fullest potential. That’s my passion.


I know that by creating change in ourselves, we can change the world we live in, we can see it all from a brand new perspective...


I know that because I’ve been there. I've done it for myself.



The Fear to Freedom journey 3 step process to empowerment…

1) Awareness

2) Alignment

3) Ascension

Over the 6 weeks you will access all the knowledge + tools you need to master your mindset, wave goodbye to self-doubt + get back into the driver’s seat of your life.


Through this work my aim is to show you that anything is possible, I’m here to share all the wildly transformative knowledge, skills + wisdom with you, to help you re-write your story + step into the most empowered, confident + courageous version of you...


  • 6 x weekly LIVE 90 minute group coaching + mentoring sessions

       - 60 minutes workshop training + 30 minutes of live group coaching (£1500 VALUE)

  • Weekly workbooks, tasks + worksheets (£600 VALUE)

  • Unlimited support in Private Facebook Group (£600 VALUE)


  • Confidence + your menstrual cycle masterclass + workbook (£150 VALUE)

  • A community of beautiful like-minded people on the same journey as you (INVALUABLE)

  • Access to my mindset mastery resources guide (INVALUABLE)

  • LIFETIME access to ALL programme content (INVALUABLE)


VALUE £2850



(Pay in full or in 4 monthly payments of £111)


I know you're ready to wave goodbye to fear + step into your fullest potential.

What are you waiting for?

“Honestly it’s been so eye opening for me. I definitely needed this!”


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