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The Masterclass



Transitioning from your dead-end job into a freedom-filled, purpose-driven career, passion project or business.

Learn how to unlock your soul's calling,

align with your unique purpose + transition

to a new career that sets your soul on fire.

Join Empowerment Coach + Mentor, Emily Harris as she guides you through a one-hour masterclass to help you learn all you need to know about making the move from your unfulfilling job to a soul-led career that feels authentic, aligns with your soul + makes you come alive again.

After working with over 50 women in the last year, Emily knows how daunting it can be to desire a change but have no idea how to move forwards + take a new path. After helping many women to choose a new path, she knows exactly what it takes to build a career + life that sets your soul on fire.

With her expertise lying in the areas of confidence, manifestation, astrology + spirituality, Emily will be sharing her 5 soulful strategies to transitioning from your dead-end job into a freedom-filled, purpose-driven career, passion project or business.

Soul-Led, The Masterclass exactly what you need in order to gain the knowledge, confidence + clarity to make soul-aligned, powerful changes to your career...


The Masterclass

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You'll discover how to...

Uncover + choose a career path, passion project or business venture that sets your soul on fire.


Ignite more spark + more purpose into the work you do.


Move through confidence + self-belief blocks with ease.


Embody the traits + beliefs of the version of you who creates soulful success in all areas of her life.

Create the safety required in your body, in order to make the transition.

Wake up every Monday feeling grateful + excited about the week ahead.

Fall back in love with your life again.

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Now, more than ever before... 


Women are stepping into soul-led, purpose driven careers that shake the world, create ripple effects in the collective + light their heart's right up...


You deserve to join them.

"The entire Universe is conspiring to give you everything you want"

~ Abraham Hicks

This is your invitation...

It's free to join us!

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