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A two-hour online event to guide you to activate your Inner Queen + make powerful moves in 2022 + beyond.

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2022 in your own lane

is for the woman who...

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...knows she’s meant to be the main character of her story. ready to take centre stage in all areas of her life in 2022.

...knows she is worthy of making liberating choices + decisions based on her highest values.

...recognises the power of peeling back the layers on her last chapter + choosing a new way. ready to shed old stories + ways of being that no longer serve her fullest expression. ready to embody her Inner Queen + make powerful moves in 2022 + beyond.

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Peel back the layers on who you have become throughout this year, reflect on the teachings of your 2021.


Liberate yourself from the ties of your self-sabotage + Good Girl consciousness.

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Upgrade your energy + your capacity to hold more magnetism in 2022.

Ground into the energy of 'this, or better' for the next 12 months.

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Embody the values of your Inner Queen + manifest the most you year yet.

Build an identity that supports your fullest potential.

A grounding year-end event to release + reflect on your 2021 + awaken into your Inner Queen identity + intentions for 2022.

An opportunity to open the floodgates to an overflow of empowerment, liberation + Queen consciousness for 2022 + beyond.

And liberate yourself into becoming the main character of your next chapter.

During this 2-hour event we will journey through...

  • A year-end reflection, unravelling + releasing ritual.

  • 2022 oracle card + energy reading.

  • A masterclass on how to transition into Queen Consciousness for 2022 + beyond… and clarity on how to define exactly what this means + how this looks for your unique identity.

  • Desire mapping + Intention setting ritual so that you can manifest the most you year yet.


     You'll also receive...

  • A recording of the event, which is available for a whole month (until 30/01/2022)

  • A sisterhood of powerful, conscious women to journey alongside + vibe with during the event

We'll be releasing, dreaming + manifesting together on the evening before the final day of the year. Join us x

MAGNETISM is a space for you to decide who you desire to BE in 2022. You will map out your new paradigm of being complete with your desires, intentions for the new year + cultivate the clarity, confidence + self-expression you need in order to magetise them.

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is ready for all of you.

  • Without consciously releasing old stories we will remain unconsciously operating from a disempowered state.

  • Without connecting with your Inner Queen, it’s likely that your inner critic will rule more of the show in 2022.

  • 2022 is calling you into your fullest self, into the new paradigm of empowerment + self-leadership. It’s time to reconnect with your magnetism, my love.

  • 2022 doesn’t want your unworthiness, not-good-enoughness, it wants you to become MAGNETIC towards your truest desires.

... Step into the new year feeling refreshed + renewed with clearly defined aligned actions + intentional visions for the year ahead.

MAGNETISM not about settling for the old paradigm of New Years resolutions.

It's not about adopting the outdated 'New Year, New You' narrative.

MAGNETISM about choosing yourself, your most powerful expression + setting energetic standards + base line boundaries in all areas of your life, so that you can create a new, embodied identity for yourself in 2022 + beyond.

Your next level doesn’t exist in your dreams, it requires you to DECIDE to claim it.


Your manifestations don’t exist outside of you, they require you to DECIDE to claim them.


Self-expression, liberation + empowerment don’t appear like magic, you DECIDE to embody them as part of your identity.


You decide it all.

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Event details...

The MAGNETISM event is taking place on December 30th 2021 at:

5pm GMT (please check your time zone for alternative timings)

...Via Zoom

We will gather just before the final day of 2021 for between 2-2.5 hours (depending on the vibe on the day).

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Your ticket also includes...

30-day access to the event recording

Your Inner Queen desires your accountability, so some live if you can.

Access to a sisterhood of women to journey alongside + manifest with on the day.

Tickets are £16.50 for you, as you're using the secret link hehe...

You will receive email confirmation of your ticket within 24 hours of your purchase.

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By creating space for yourself + your soul in this event, you’ve already started the process of becoming an energetic match for all of your desires in 2022. Your manifestations desire your commitment + your aligned action. 


Your commitment to yourself will create ripple effects in all areas of your life. It’s time to claim your most you year yet.

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